Tuesday, 19 January 2016



 My Husband did the Most Incredible Surprise for me This January. He had been feeling sad for me for the last few Months, As i had been getting so depressed for Years because I hate when he leaves to work, this has always been a big problem in our lives. we want to be together all the time, but life requires Money so we force apart. Alex Promised me that he will do anything it takes to make that a reality, But in the mean time he said 2016 Will be a year of Happiness and Surprise for me in the meantime. Just as the New year began I was already getting depressed again now he is back at work. One Evening after work, when i was feeling my lowest he told me that we were going out. When he said that, i thought he meant a walk for fresh air. But Boy i was wrong! it turns out he had a woke me at 3.30am that evenin to head off to the Airport. i had NO Clue! where i was off to. all i knew is my bags were packed and i was Happy!. I finally got on the Plane, still made it that far without finding out (Miracle) I heard the attendent announcement say somthing in German., so i guessed Germany, but nope i was wrong, he said "were going to Austria, and not only that, were going on a whole trip sound of music themed!" I honestly did not expect that at all. i was so happy, that entire flight i had a big cheesey grin on my face, I looked out the window and saw Beautiful Views i had never seen before in my life. i had never been this happy in the longest time. 

 When we landed, we wasted no time at all. we took our rented Car and Drove to Salzburg where i would be spending the Next 3 days. we first went to Salzburgs Fortress. you can't miss it from the town, its a big castle on the mountain. we hiked up that and looked out at the Beautiful little city.

The next Morning Alex had planned our Sound of Music Tour. i was super excited for that. we have always shared a love for The Sound of Music since we met 7 Years ago, so it was very special for us.
and we got to sit on this Awesome Coach :)

we were taken to so many different Locations the Film was filmed out. This is just one of many of them. The Back of the Von Trapp Family's House.

 Another Interested little fact about Salzburg. Mozart is from there. And this is lake Wolfgang, where Wolfgang Mozart Mother Lives before they moved to Salzburg. I can't believe places like this exsist. its to unbelievably Beautiful. I just wish i could live there. 

We were pretty much No stop that whole day. No time to waste I tell you. We got in our Car and just Drove. The best way to really explore is to just Drive, you get to see so much in little time which i love, because I wanted to take everything in at once! We stopped off because we saw a sign for Waterfalls and we wanted to find it. Unfortunately we did Find the Waterfall, But! we found this Incredible Rock Valley. we explored that for a little while, but then it started to Rain. another fact. Austria is the 5th Rainiest Country in Europe. 
 Earlie in the Morning on our way to our next Adventure, we stopped off at this Location. it was so breath taking. i thought if i would rub my eyes Id wake up. but this is real as it gets folk.
 This is our view from Untersburg Sky ride up the mountine. In the sound of music, this was the Mountain they used to escape the Nazi's

 When we got up there, we were not expecting this, nor were we dressed for it :D It was soo Snowy, you couldnt see in a flash. all we saw up there was sparkles because of the Pressure. it was crazy, and a experience.

Just before we Leave Austria, we needed to get that Famous Photo of The Sound of Music Hill with Maria at the beginning.
This was the best Trip of my life. and i have been a lot of places to say that. even tho its all a memory and I'm sad im not there anymore. Alex said not to worry as he has other plans for this year, still miss him all the time, and Austria. <3

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