Sunday, 7 August 2016

Germany Bavaria Europetrip

Germany Bavaria
My Europe Trip has been Completed! i have been lucky enough to Travel around the East of Germany with my husband which i wont lie! has been exhausting.... 

First Stop Germany. Since recently Bavaria has been my favourite place I have visted, this is my second time here in Bavaria, early this year my husband took me on a surprise trip to Austria where i fell deeply in love with it. we only had a day here, so our inisial plan was to visit Neuschwanstein.

 Arriving we did not encounter rain. this really set us back as we were only here for a short time and i was mostly looking forward to Germany out of our stops. after 30mintes of drowning our sorrows away in the car we had rented to get there, we decided it was in our best interested to just get out and go rain or shine. and as we knew it, the rain had stop, though it was  not sunny and a little cold, it didnt even matter at that point, it was the best we had. You can either walk up to the castle by foot which is roughly a Mile, or take the bus. (you can purchase tickets near the station 4Euros) 

the walk sounds not that much,but its all up a steep hill, so unless your adventurous, i would highly recommend the bus option. They run every 20 minutes so a wait is in order.
as i understood, you can't just go up to the castle and explore yourself, you have to book a tour, which can be found near the parking lot down the mountine. we were able to catch the last tour at 6 (do note, the bus route stops at 6 also so if you wanted to catch the last one, you will have to walk down yourself) 

 if your doing this on the cheap and didnt actually want the tour, its great for photography, you can get some amazing shots from the top, and there are hiking trails all around the park for serious travellers.
after only a short stay here in Germany, we ended our day with a traditional German Pub, and the waiters for so friendly. There card machine wasnt working and we didn't have cash with us on hand, and a lady next to us (a local) offered to pay our bill!. though we were flattered by her gesture, we told her we were fine and that she was sweet for trying to help us. Don't worry, the waiter did let us go find a cash machine, a little awkard, but all was fine. 
and yes! i had to get a Snitzel while we were here in Bavaria, specially on a cold summers day, it really made me feel so cozy.
 and so our trip here ended, we stay over in a hostel in Munich and go on a Morning Bus to our next destination. more blogs to come
thanks for reading along :) 

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