Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Easter Trophy Tree DIY

Back with another Easter DIY project for you guys. If your looking for a really fun simple idea that makes a great addition to your Easter Decorations this year, this is definately a fun project to work on. It will take more patience that the difficult it might appear to be.

Level- Easy

Supplies you need
Speckled Eggs
Hot glue gun 
Plant pot 
Wooden spoon
Easter Grass
Sphere Ball
Wet foam Brick

I start by Taken my Wooden spoon and painting a long the stem a brown shade so it appears to look like a tree stub and I just messed around with the tones to my desired result, you can paint this any color you want.
these are just the colors of my supplies what i picked out from Hobbycraft which were on a 2 for the price of 3 deal so I got green and pink eggs and the green ribbon which i think are very vibrant and stand out.
I got this metal Plant pot from Ikea for £1.00 and i think it really make the tree look more sorted to my project but you could get really colorful tins also from ikea which will also look great for this project.then after your wooden spoon dry's, take your foam brick and slowly put the top on the spoon into the foam so it supports the stick and glue down to the pot so its stable and holds the weight of your ball which we will add now.
then I slowly added the foam sphere to the top of the wooden spoon and glue it down so its not loose and it stay supported and you will put a lot of pressure on it while glueing your eggs to it later.
Now you can begin glueing the eggs on your foam Sphere. I started adding then randomly but changed my mind and just arranged them by row in the end, i think its look neater that way and you will have no gaps between them.     
   I then went around in all the open spaces and added moss so that it fills out the ball and looks more natural
                                    and there you have it a Easter Throphy tree            

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