Sunday, 22 September 2013

DIY your home for Fall

                                                           DIY Fall Idea's

So Fall has finally approached and now it's time to take that summer Decor down and get cozy. What i love about Fall is that you can enjoying making your own decorations without spending to much in stores. here's a few thing's i thought that make great home accessories and can be used over again.

      Photo By Abeautifulmess
This is something i thought was really cute and very simple to make, it will definately brighten up the room.
All you need is
Felt (color of your choice) and Wool and wool needle to sew.

Really cheap and makes a cute addition to the home.
estimated price £5

                                                                      Fabric Pumpkins

These Fabric pumpkins are really easy to make also, I made them last year and i will post the video here for the Tutorial.
All you need: Fabric, Thread, and to top either, a branch from outside, or felt also does a good job.

Tin Lantern

I came across these and there so simple yet lot's of fun to make as little outdoor decor or indoor. All you need is pretty much laying around your own home, If you have an old recycled tin can from soup or anything. Clean it out and paint it any color you would like, then once the paint has dried over night poke holes into to spell trick or treat or even a cute pumpkin and just stick a candle at the bottom and you will see this glowing effect,

I hope you enjoy making these yourself, leave comments and tell me what your plans are for this fall.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013


                                                                      FALL TREE

A fun way to Decorate your home for Fall/Halloween season with a budget
I came across the idea of Collecting Twig's from outside and making your own fall tree at home without spending to much on Decor, plus i know it's so difficult to find Fall Decor in English compared to US and it can cost a lot of money shipping from out the country. so here's a fun activity to do on the weekend.         


You can make leaves or even make paper pumpkins/ghost/bat's whatever you like, be creative.
to make leaves you could use paper, felt, or actually go collect leave from outside   


Friday, 13 September 2013


                                         FALL LOOKBOOK

                             Fall want's for this year's cold weather

So i'm in need of getting prepared for Fall this year as now i got a closet full of summer clothes and it's getting very cold early. so i think a shopping spree is in order! This year I'm totally digging the Dungaree's and Cardigans. and cute little cat accessories.

Wear these item are from 

Green Cardigan -Topshop
Red cord Dungaree's-Topshop
Cat Hat- H&M
Floral socks- New look
Scarf- H&M
Cat headband- Newlook

So today is Friday 13th. perfect time seeing as it's creeping up to Halloween. So how's everyone's day so far anything  bad happend yet? if so leave it in the comments. Have a terrifying day

Monday, 9 September 2013

Kath & JC wedding

                                                              Wedding Photography

So I'm proud to say I did my first Wedding With Alex (my husband) Yesterday. And yes i got nervous at first as I've never had any Experience in this area  but always loved the idea of doing it. I finally stepped up and put a side my Social Anxiety and forced myself out my comfort zone. I have to admit i felt very uncomfortable the whole day But i did it and I'm so proud of myself for doing it. Alex is a pro at this stuff and great with people so it put me at ease. and i hope to continue teaming up as a family as we both enjoyed it.
I'm in love with the shot's and the video's i had taken for the wedding and look forward to future wedding's.
 A couple of the Preparation shot's. I think these were the hardest to do, because it was very tight spaced and there were many people in the room so it was difficult to quickly change lighting and find a great shot.

 I absolutely loved these ones, they had so much personality and was fun to shoot. this was right after the blessing in the church. and the enviroment was full of laughter and excitement.

 Cutest thing ever! Loved all the cute shot's of the little children playing around in the garden's
 At this point we were getting the very natural shot's and documenting everyone socialising and having a good time, there was also Lantern's which were great to shoot.

 And the party was my favourite place to shoot, just loved the mood in the room, very twilight like.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

All Thing's Fall

I went out on a mission to find something ready for next Season and yes i had to go check if Yankee candles brought in the Fall Scents yet. and as i guessed they did and on 25% discount may i add. and they are very expensive brand as it is so i was very happy to make that purchase today on account they had Cinnamon stick & Spice Orange. But i had to go with Cinnamon cause i Can't get enough of it :) 

Also while i was rummaging the shelve's of Paper Chase i came across some of there new lines that had just been released and i just instantly had to get it. They had all kind's of things with this cute little fox & Owl design, Notepads, pencil set, phone cover's. and I've wanted a Thermos for a long time now cause there so convenient. specially that I'm going Disneyland this Halloween so it will keep me warm and cozy.
Too Cute! Fox, Badgers & Owls

A Taste of Fall

I woke up this morning feeling ready as ever for this Fall. I feel like i had my first taste. The first time I woke up and had to turn on my heater because it was cold and foggy outside. I think one of the many joys to life..

Autumn Shopping

                                                       AUTUMN SHOPPING 

So today i managed to squeeze in time to find some bits and bobs ready for this Fall which I am beyond excited about!. Well as It's still early I didn't find much around the store's but i definitely got some nice finds.and the thing's I wanted for the house.

Took a stop to one of my favorite places Paper chase. I love stationary. I'm a big sucker for it

Tapes and Ribbons
                               So many Tapes and ribbons to choose from for my Scrapbook :)

                                               I want all these picture frames. sooo cute

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Halloween Costumes

                                                         Halloween costumes idea's

This year I'm going Disneyland Paris for Halloween Party, which I've never been to before. and i love Halloween, It's my favorite holiday of all. I put together an inspiration board of idea's what to go this year as. and these i love!

I loved the tutu Idea which came to me from watching the black swan, i thought it would be really cute to mix a skeleton/witch look. and i love this so much, very tradition halloweenesque. i was also stuck between, Alice mcgee as i loved the game and shes very dark and horror version to the innocent alex. and of course Alice would be perfect for Disneyland. let me know in the comment's what creative idea's you will be pulling off this fall.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

weekend buys

pillow -

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                                                    My Scrapbook 2013

At the beginning of the year i started my very first Scrapbook, I've wanted to do one of these for year's but never built the confidence to do it as it's a lot more complicated then sticking a few picture's in. when I started I didn't really know what to do. but then i began doing what i felt i wanted to. Now I'm getting the hang of it. And i love it. I will definitely be doing them yearly. i love storing memory's i can one day look back on.

I bought this scrapbook from Paperchase. I thing I chew more then I could handle buying my first scrapbook this huge. But It give's me more space to be creative. and I'm constantly adding to the front, so It's incomplete.

I constantly doodle on my pages, just love the personal touch it give each page. and love writing special notes on them. these are some picture's of a trip this summer.
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Monday, 2 September 2013

Happy September

                                                     September is here!

God how time fly's, I remember not long ago I was celebrating Easter and that was right at the start of the year. Well Sunday's are usually those day's you kick back and relax to begin the week feeling refreshed.
People forgot that there is so much around us to be explored yet we seem to ignore them and not appriciate what life give's us. I LOVE atumn to much, i love going out taking pictures. and i feel it coming already in the air, the color of the leaves. I decided sunday to take my Camera out and see what i come across. found some beautiful thing's just waiting to be captured.

Weekend purchases Fall preparation

                                                       Thing's i need

So I've been planning out for months what and how I'm going to be decoration for the fall. I think i've over thought so much that my mind is blank to it all. I find making colleges helps stay on trap and i do this for most thing's i come across. not much on my list for this weekend. for definately got some awsome plan's for Autumn this year! my bedding is far to summery right now, i and i dread not feeling in the cold season mood if i don't change it up ever so often.

1. Pillow cases abtract circus design £7.00 each
2. From Paperchase Photo Album £8-10
3. Next Throw Blanket £30