Wednesday, 29 January 2014

RedVelvet Cake

                                                              RedVelvet cake

 What you will need to make the Betty Red Velvet mix is
3 medium eggs
65ml vegetable oil
205ml water
and of course your cake mix
Add all the ingrediants to you cake mix in a large Mixing bowl and wisk untill smooth and silk like. I made my first batch a little thick as shown on the picture, but it should be runny and soft. so keep mixing, as soon as your done with the mix, get a cake tin and add the mix. you will need 2 cake tins for top and bottom and don't forget to grease them before you add your mix in                                                                                  
Put in the oven for 34mins on 140c in centre of the oven

Now for the fun part. Grab your Cream Cheese and add to your cake how ever you like. I've coated mine all the way around for extra sweetness. 

and there you have it, Your tasty Red Velvet cake.....

If you want to see the video coming up go head over to my youtube channel

Monday, 27 January 2014

Thing's I want (Apartment Edition)

I'm really into Native American/Tribal things right now, a long side Geometrics so I want to combine the two into my Apartment, that way it remains unisex for my Husband as I dont want to make the place look to feminine because it wouldn't be fair. And lucky for me he likes that stuff too,and trusts my interior skill's. and yes found a new love for having a Rocking Chair in my bedroom .

New Apartment

                                                           We have moved!!!

We have moved! and I never actually posted anything about this since over christmas. But we finally have our new place and I'm loving it. and the best part of all is Furnishing the apartment. here is a picture of our empty apartment.
 This would be our Living room/office area, and i have some great ideas and colors i would like to play around with in here. I've never got to furnish my place before so I'm really excitement for my personality to finally break loose in my own place. 
 This is our kitchen, what i love the most is the Floor. In England it's not a standard choice of floor as Apartments in England in nearly all cases poorly done and cheap such as. Light beige laminated floor, the ugliest tiles around the whole kitchen, cheap kitchen cabinets with plastic surfaces and cheap ovens. so when I saw this i was so happy id found something I've wanted. Brand new building, Brown wood floor, wood surfaces, built in Suppliences and new oven that is really good.
This is our Bedroom, and yes right now it looks like a big mess, But soon I will show you how it looks/will look as I've already in progress of this room, I just want to complete it first before I post anything. But everything is perfect. 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Merry Christmas 2013

It's been a little while since I've updated my blog site, as the holiday left me behind on many things, this being one of them. so today i decided to make a blog on my Christmas this year and show you all what we did. So i will start off with, Happy new year. and hope you all had a great Christmas holiday. 

Christmas Morning opening Presents. Loved everything I got. Got some cute Winter Sweater's, Doll's, Piano's and many other thing's I wanted. Alot has changed over the year's as everyone got a bit older. My brother's Girlfriend had there child this year, so Christmas had to be shared with her family this year so we only saw them for a couple of hours in the morning. so This year was quite. But I loved it, was relaxed and quite and there was no pressure for thing's to go right.                                                                                                                       
I made a special Present for both my sisters this year, Which were all handmade and took me weeks to do.
My youngest sister Magenta I decided to do something, which i only had one more year to do, as shes growing
up now and soon will not like this stuff. So I made her a Princess tutu Inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I planned a story out and put the present outside and then my other sister rang the door bell and I some how convinced Magenta to awnser the door. she was so surprised and confused. so she brought the present into the house and opened it, and she was so excited, and she loved the tutu. it fit her perfectly thank god!        
One of the two presents I had got my sister was This Lorax Art I made. I loved the idea and she had been telling me for weeks how much she loved the Lorax, so I put some stuff together and made her this.I found these colorful pom pom's that would be perfect for the tree's and also got some twine for the bark. and just put it together on a frame. she Absolutely loved it, which makes me really happy. so job well done I think :)                                     
My Nephew Charlie. Looking adorable in his little Santa Outfit this year. His first Christmas....

My Beautiful Husband had a great Christmas this year ....

Happy new year!