Tuesday, 30 August 2016

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Slovenia, where to start. Back in 2010 a friend of mine who was from Slovenia, Told me i should visit one day, and that the country was a hidden gem, as you don't really think...Slovenia. well i didn't at the time anyway, After he showed me, it had always been on my list of places to visit. I didn't know what to expect actually going, i did little research and what i saw i liked, but still, its very hard to understand a country untill your there in the flesh.

We arrived in the Afternoon to the city of Ljubljana. At first, i was a little reserved to what my first thoughts were, we arrived in a area that wasn't particularly pretty, very Urban is the best word for this. we were so tired and just wanted to find our Hotel (which ended up being a Hostel) but we had to travel cheap, and this was good enough. We wonder around the old town of Ljubljana, I'm not usually a big fan of Old towns and high Tourist spots, it seems so fake and designed for the lost, i love the adventure, going to places where little get to experience. tho it was pretty, its not what i travel personally.

After a long day of Travel, food was a must. I usually like to eat out of my Comfort zone and try local dishes, but with the little research a did, i wasn't really sure what Slovenia was all about, was it eastern or Italian, thats kind of the thing that made me love this country, it's kind of its own thing. It started Raining, and to avoid it and get shelter we ran to the first thing we saw.

I loved all the little cute italian style streets, definitely what i loved most about Ljubjana, But it was also very Urban! you will find a lot of Street Art Everywhere in the city. 

We didn't stay in the city long, we had many plans around Slovenia to visit, we had rented a car when we arrived to make travel easier, as driving goes, its very safe, people are friendly and considerate there, so if you are thinking about it, but nervous, i would say don't, roads are easy going. 

Our next day in Slovenia, which was our first full day, involved going up to Mount Vogel. It was so Beautiful, I didn't prepare very well on the clothing department, weather in Europe can not make its mind up this year, so i was freezing ( stupid on my department) where warm clothes! it the cable cart takes you up 500m where there is toilet, Resturant and a little museum. its actually a Ski lodge, but during none snow times, you can walk and hike around. we didnt stay long because it was super cold up there, but the views were beautiful. 

Afternoon we drive our way down to Bled Lake, its a very popular place for Hikers and enjoying the large lake around Beautiful Architect, and lots of nice restaurant. (do not, eating isnt cheap here, pack lunch or eat outside the area) free parking on Sundays in Slovenia, so weekend is a nice time to go. 

Bike riding, Boating, Swimming. you will see everyone taking part in one of these activity's on Bled Lake. On a hot summers day, it seems to perfect. amazing place for Photographers and people watching. 

we rented out a boat, it was quite expensive. 30 Euros for 1 hours 
but it had to be done, we got in our little row boat and rowed to the island where there was a beautiful Church, which you cant miss! 
 Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay on it long because we had to get back before our time ran out, but if you want some excersice this will do the trick.

Bled Lake really did change my view after a first not so great impression, its so beautiful here, and so Unique, its mixed of everything, Bavaria, Italy, and Eastern Europe. 
before heading back to Ljubljana we went for a meal a little outside bled lake. I got to try some Tradition Slovenia Fish, it was super delicious and very filling as you can imagine. 
Slovenia was such an Adventure, so full of beauty everywhere you turn. the churches especially. 

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