Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Eat Cheap

Travel can be very expensive, But it can also be really cheap.... that's if your willing to give thing's up. We all love to Indulge while we are away and try all the foods are heart contents, But in order to do more your going to have to cut back on some things to make it work.

1. If your staying in a hotel that provides free Breakfast... Take FULL advantage out of it. fill up as much as you can on carbs. best a big bowl of cereal or Oatmeal and a side jam & Bread. You could even sneak some with you for a snack if you get hungry later. 

2. Train Stations :The Stations have the cheapest food on the Go. you could get your self a Hotdog, pretzel, Coffee, Depending where in the world you are of course. you could end up Spending as little as €4 

3. Grocery Store: Research in to Local Grocery stores, not only will you fit right in and see what living is like where your visiting, you can grab some food to go. be creative! Maybe some ripped Fruit, bottled water, a Desert maybe even. Some may even have salad bar of some kind. 

 and if you are staying in a room where there is a kitchenette then bonus for you. you could just make home cooked meals your whole visit, its a great way to take a little rest and make put your photographs on your computer, refresh yourself, and you could make left overs or packed lunches to take with you. 

4.  Street food: If you really want to submerge yourself into the culture, but you have a tight budget, then i have the solution for you. Street food! Yes maybe it isn't a 5 star Restaurant and you don't get a personal waiter attending to your needs. but who cares! if you really want to live like the locals, get in and try the food stalls and small store food, you get a taste of tradition food that is comforting and hits the spots. Go find a place to sit in the park and enjoy a front row seat of a clear view. doing this would save you so much eating out, and mainly time! 

5. In a Hurry? : If your Traveling for long periods of time by Bus, Train or Plane and its early, you probably didn't get time for that free breakfast in the hotel, or there isnt anything open yet. If you have a food storage bowl (which you could travel with) buy Cereals from a store and a small Carton of Milk, you could get a Disposable Spoon from Mcdonalds the night before or from your Hotel and Make a On the Go Breakfast Cereal, you can serve yourself as much as your heart content, good start the the day and it cost you no more then €3 - €4 so no guilt Throwing them away after your done with it. 

Those were my 5 tips on how to eat cheap while your on an Adventure. it never hurts to go out 1-2 times for a nice meal, but for a budget friendly and time friendly trip, maybe try these out next time your away.

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