Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Art

                                                           Tigerlilly Painting

So today i felt Like doing some Art, Just because i find it so relaxing and I'm able to create anything my mind lets me do. I'm obsessed with Native Indian stuff! can't get enough of feathers and teepee Tents, which i so want one btw. and if i do, I will definately be posting a tutorial on here for you all :)

For those who Don't know I own a store called Willow & the Wolfe on Etsy and i sell anything and everything crafty of there, I have recently put art on there
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Thank god, Summer is Almost over and Autumn is just around the corner. 

Celebrating my Birthday

                                                 HAPPY BIRTHDAY

So I've just recently Celebrated My Birthday this year and i feel young wild and feel. I feel like this has been a sucessful day. Usually i get so stressed about things not going right, specially the fact I have a vision how I like thing's to look and be done, as I am a perfectionist this way. But my Husband Pulled This off amazingly. down to the very last detail, Special wrapping, food, party decorations he made. and of course the perfect presents for me. this year he definitely captured my personality in the presents.

Spotty paper and party hat's

We ended up starting the morning with a Coffee in town and Alex took me on a Rowing boat, which was very romantic of him. I never realised how peaceful it is to be on a boat. which add that to my life wishlist's
I felt like i was in a scence from the Notebook. all that was missing was heavy Rain and a sea of Swan's. Picture Perfect! 

Cute Owl Paper and Ribbon
Finally got a Ukulele <3
We had a cute little Party lunch in little paper plates, totally off theme but were just as cute. With some fresh lemonade
and some sourcream potatoe chip's.

My cute piece of art ready for this Autumn. <3

There was many owls and button themes this birthday. But the best part the birthday cake :)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

DIY Party Hat

    How to make these cute Peter pan Party Hats
You're going to need. 
Card of your choice
 With the scrap paper use it to make a Template, You can find them online. And use it to trace on the card.
Once you cut out your card from the template, Now comes the fun part.
 They I just found some Elastic at the craft store which for perfect for party hats. All I did was use my Hole puncher and cut two holes either side and attached the elastic.


                                                           Peter Pan Party

 It's August 18th and tomorrow is my Birthday! 
 I decided last week that this year i wanted to do a Peter pan themed Birthday as Last year's was
 Princess party themed. I did some research on DIY projects as there is nothing better then making
 your own decorations. I wanted something very vintage Indian with highlights of the movie. so Feathers
 Feathers and more Feathers! 

                       I love how the peter pan party hats turned out. so cute and easy to make

             I used the Feather Garlands my Husband helped me make out of Felt and I love how well
             Red, Green, White and Brown go together. they sit Beautifully on my mirror and Balloons
             Surrounding matching colors. and yes I had an Early Birthday card this Year from my Mom.

                I thought this HoneyComb Paper balls made a great touch to the decorations.
                I was always amazed by these since a kid, and I was looking all over the place for them.
                My Husband find them one day and asked the store if they sold them and lucky for us they
               were on sale...
                      I've always wanted to use cute little Milk Bottles and paper straws and drink
                      Lemonade from it. and that's exactly what i bought them for. They all look so
                      good put together like that.

               I've made a video showing the craft. Please go check out my youtube page

Monday, 12 August 2013

Making Ballerina Tutu

                                                                Ballerina Tutu

so Recently I've been back in my Etsy buisness and as inspired as i am I wanted to start making and selling ballerina tutu's after seeing some flower girls wear them, i thought they were so adorable. and looked fun to challenge myself which makes for a great weekend project. I've finall finishd them, so here are some images of the making, There will also be a video uploaded on my youtube, which i will link here once its done.

Birthday Party

                                                                   Peter Pan Party

       So It's i will be my Birthday August 19th and for those who know me, know i                                            LOVE planning decoration arrangements. This year the idea Peter pan came to me
           Something fun with a mix of Indian feathers, tents, mermaids and of course peter. 
            Last year's theme was Disney Princess as i love disney and all the princesses. True child at                   heart. So i got a week to get things together. I will be picking up with felt today for feathers.
            Some paper straws and mason jars for homemade lemonade. Some craft paper and streamers
            for handmade party hats and paper tissue. so i better get DIY. expect a lot of DIY projects .