Sunday, 23 February 2014

Plant shopping

As you know, I've moved into a new Apartment nr London. and I love it. This is the first type buying and decorating my own place so you can see the inspiration is pouring out of me. finally some creative freedom. tho I'm not aloud to paint the wall's neither hang anything (which i have. and will do a tutorial on in the nr future) I'm finding, using bright bold feature d├ęcor really do make it more home and bring out the personality. 

I've always love Plant's and Geometric style things in my life. and i feel plants bring so much energy and shape to the room's. not only that makes me feel responsible for something to take care of. I don't think you can be sad when your surrounded by Beautiful Plants. they have so much positive energy. 

As Artificial as these are. I've always loved the idea of Artificial Flowers in the home. There very welcoming and obviously last forever. and easy to change colors around during Holiday Season or general color scheme

I got this Amazing Cactus, which I've wanted for a while. the shapes are beautiful and although shape, very interesting. I'm going for a very Aztec/ native American style theme for my Apartment as i LOVE native Indian thing's. and what say that more then a Cactus. 

I will be buying more plants soon. right now I'm really putting the place together so I can judge where thing's will  be and how they will look. And yes a Apartment tour will be coming up soon, just want it to be perfect un till i reveal my whole place. patience is key.

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