Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Celebrating my Birthday

                                                 HAPPY BIRTHDAY

So I've just recently Celebrated My Birthday this year and i feel young wild and feel. I feel like this has been a sucessful day. Usually i get so stressed about things not going right, specially the fact I have a vision how I like thing's to look and be done, as I am a perfectionist this way. But my Husband Pulled This off amazingly. down to the very last detail, Special wrapping, food, party decorations he made. and of course the perfect presents for me. this year he definitely captured my personality in the presents.

Spotty paper and party hat's

We ended up starting the morning with a Coffee in town and Alex took me on a Rowing boat, which was very romantic of him. I never realised how peaceful it is to be on a boat. which add that to my life wishlist's
I felt like i was in a scence from the Notebook. all that was missing was heavy Rain and a sea of Swan's. Picture Perfect! 

Cute Owl Paper and Ribbon
Finally got a Ukulele <3
We had a cute little Party lunch in little paper plates, totally off theme but were just as cute. With some fresh lemonade
and some sourcream potatoe chip's.

My cute piece of art ready for this Autumn. <3

There was many owls and button themes this birthday. But the best part the birthday cake :)

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