Sunday, 22 September 2013

DIY your home for Fall

                                                           DIY Fall Idea's

So Fall has finally approached and now it's time to take that summer Decor down and get cozy. What i love about Fall is that you can enjoying making your own decorations without spending to much in stores. here's a few thing's i thought that make great home accessories and can be used over again.

      Photo By Abeautifulmess
This is something i thought was really cute and very simple to make, it will definately brighten up the room.
All you need is
Felt (color of your choice) and Wool and wool needle to sew.

Really cheap and makes a cute addition to the home.
estimated price £5

                                                                      Fabric Pumpkins

These Fabric pumpkins are really easy to make also, I made them last year and i will post the video here for the Tutorial.
All you need: Fabric, Thread, and to top either, a branch from outside, or felt also does a good job.

Tin Lantern

I came across these and there so simple yet lot's of fun to make as little outdoor decor or indoor. All you need is pretty much laying around your own home, If you have an old recycled tin can from soup or anything. Clean it out and paint it any color you would like, then once the paint has dried over night poke holes into to spell trick or treat or even a cute pumpkin and just stick a candle at the bottom and you will see this glowing effect,

I hope you enjoy making these yourself, leave comments and tell me what your plans are for this fall.


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