Monday, 9 September 2013

Kath & JC wedding

                                                              Wedding Photography

So I'm proud to say I did my first Wedding With Alex (my husband) Yesterday. And yes i got nervous at first as I've never had any Experience in this area  but always loved the idea of doing it. I finally stepped up and put a side my Social Anxiety and forced myself out my comfort zone. I have to admit i felt very uncomfortable the whole day But i did it and I'm so proud of myself for doing it. Alex is a pro at this stuff and great with people so it put me at ease. and i hope to continue teaming up as a family as we both enjoyed it.
I'm in love with the shot's and the video's i had taken for the wedding and look forward to future wedding's.
 A couple of the Preparation shot's. I think these were the hardest to do, because it was very tight spaced and there were many people in the room so it was difficult to quickly change lighting and find a great shot.

 I absolutely loved these ones, they had so much personality and was fun to shoot. this was right after the blessing in the church. and the enviroment was full of laughter and excitement.

 Cutest thing ever! Loved all the cute shot's of the little children playing around in the garden's
 At this point we were getting the very natural shot's and documenting everyone socialising and having a good time, there was also Lantern's which were great to shoot.

 And the party was my favourite place to shoot, just loved the mood in the room, very twilight like.

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