Tuesday, 3 September 2013


                                                    My Scrapbook 2013

At the beginning of the year i started my very first Scrapbook, I've wanted to do one of these for year's but never built the confidence to do it as it's a lot more complicated then sticking a few picture's in. when I started I didn't really know what to do. but then i began doing what i felt i wanted to. Now I'm getting the hang of it. And i love it. I will definitely be doing them yearly. i love storing memory's i can one day look back on.

I bought this scrapbook from Paperchase. I thing I chew more then I could handle buying my first scrapbook this huge. But It give's me more space to be creative. and I'm constantly adding to the front, so It's incomplete.

I constantly doodle on my pages, just love the personal touch it give each page. and love writing special notes on them. these are some picture's of a trip this summer.
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