Monday, 27 January 2014

New Apartment

                                                           We have moved!!!

We have moved! and I never actually posted anything about this since over christmas. But we finally have our new place and I'm loving it. and the best part of all is Furnishing the apartment. here is a picture of our empty apartment.
 This would be our Living room/office area, and i have some great ideas and colors i would like to play around with in here. I've never got to furnish my place before so I'm really excitement for my personality to finally break loose in my own place. 
 This is our kitchen, what i love the most is the Floor. In England it's not a standard choice of floor as Apartments in England in nearly all cases poorly done and cheap such as. Light beige laminated floor, the ugliest tiles around the whole kitchen, cheap kitchen cabinets with plastic surfaces and cheap ovens. so when I saw this i was so happy id found something I've wanted. Brand new building, Brown wood floor, wood surfaces, built in Suppliences and new oven that is really good.
This is our Bedroom, and yes right now it looks like a big mess, But soon I will show you how it looks/will look as I've already in progress of this room, I just want to complete it first before I post anything. But everything is perfect. 

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