Wednesday, 29 January 2014

RedVelvet Cake

                                                              RedVelvet cake

 What you will need to make the Betty Red Velvet mix is
3 medium eggs
65ml vegetable oil
205ml water
and of course your cake mix
Add all the ingrediants to you cake mix in a large Mixing bowl and wisk untill smooth and silk like. I made my first batch a little thick as shown on the picture, but it should be runny and soft. so keep mixing, as soon as your done with the mix, get a cake tin and add the mix. you will need 2 cake tins for top and bottom and don't forget to grease them before you add your mix in                                                                                  
Put in the oven for 34mins on 140c in centre of the oven

Now for the fun part. Grab your Cream Cheese and add to your cake how ever you like. I've coated mine all the way around for extra sweetness. 

and there you have it, Your tasty Red Velvet cake.....

If you want to see the video coming up go head over to my youtube channel

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