Saturday, 1 March 2014

DIY Easter Bird Nests

                                                   DIY Easter Birds next

Easter is coming up. and It's one of my favourite holiday's after Halloween. so I'm really excited to start prepping and getting the house light and cute for Spring. Today I'm going to show you the very easy simple Project that look great on a display table. there very modern and look great in the house. 

Here's what you will need

I went to my local Hobby craft which is amazing how much great stuff you can find there.
and i found these cute little wickery birds nest there only cost  me 50p bargin!
I also picked up some Flat natural Moss and these white spotted egg shells. cost all together £3.50

here's a little close up so you can see inside. All you need to do is Glue them into the birds nest with a hot glue gun and you have this beautiful modern centre piece .

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  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I've been redecorating my room recently and giving it more of a "natural" feel, so this would be a great thing to have in it!

    x Erin