Monday, 24 March 2014

Spring Tassel Garland

Spring is Among us and I love this time of year because it means Easter is on its way and it's one of my favourite holidays. I love the Autumn time, but Spring has this beautiful vibe full of bright and floral feeling's
as always I'm contantly adding new idea's to my Easter Decorations, specially now I have a new place to myself to do as I please. and I've seen these go around on Pinterest which inspired me. Such a cheap but effective idea to decorate your home in any country. 

Supplies you will need
Paper tissue 
Floral wire
These were all Purchased from Poundland which have a great collection for Easter!
Then all you do is take a piece of your tissue paper and fold it in half and cut strips, but leave the fold un cut so there seamed together. 
After you have done that, you take your tissue paper and roll at the top so they become gathered.

Cut your floral wire to it fits both side, and tape them on both sides so it creates a loop at the top. Then you want to threat it through the string and tighten the floral wire in the space you want it to hold on your Garland.

And there you have your beautiful Spring Garland ready to display. 

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