Sunday, 6 April 2014

Easter Home tour

Hi my lovely blog readers. Today I decided to finally do my Easter home tour as everything is now set up and I've practically finished with this year's d├ęcor. I thought id show them and also this is on my you tube channel, if you prefer to check it out that way, i give all information on my items and prices.
We have in my hall way My Easter Wreath from Dumelm and I love this. it was not the kind of wreath I was after, but i saw it and it was very cheap for the design so I though why not. It looks great as you walk in the door.
My bedding so far for this season. My throw I recently bought from Urban Outfitters ended up being reversible to a vintage floral print. I am quite a hater of Floral, but In this case I will left it off with the acception it looks great for Easter!
On the bed I've just put my Easter Pillow I made last year on the bed as accent. it's a little damage as its been in a box in the attic this whole time so Not in it's greatest condition. plus I actually made this out of my scrap fabrics cause i got bored, so It's very roughly done.
I didnt want to put all my stuff up cause it would be to much. but if you want to see everything else, you can check out the video I will post underneath this

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