Wednesday, 9 April 2014


I decided to start another new series to my blog posts. What i ate Wednesday, pretty much say it all in the name. I thought this might help people maybe get food inspiration and what i eat. today meals were not the most healthiest but its not about that. its just basic what i ate.                 

Starting off with the most important meal of the day. I had Oatmeal and added some Blueberrys in just so I'm getting some kind of fruit to the start of my morning. I do eat this often but sometimes like to change my breakfast meals around from time to time.

I haven't been food shopping yet so I'm just getting rid of the left over food now, so I just made myself a Jam Sandwich for Lunch and a glass of water with it. Not the healthiest meal but the sacrifices you make when you try to save money on food shopping so I'm fine with that. plus I do love Jam Sandwiches.
Late during the afternoon I need my Coffee fix, So I usually make a Latte, that way it keeps me from getting hungry in between meals and I can relax and do some work or Write in my diary.                                      
For Dinner that night I had Baby Potatoes, Chicken and some Vegetable mix. and added a little Ceaser sauce to the side which I love.                                                                                                              

Moving on to the Night time, I like to make freshly squeezed orange juice so I'm making sure I'm getting good stuff in my body. I did also have a Banana that day and an orange which i forgot to mention.        
I hoped you enjoy my What I ate Wednesday. 

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