Monday, 12 May 2014

Monthly Favourites May

So This year I've been religiously into Celestial/Salem style homeware/clothing. I love it to much, but theres not a lot of thing you can find. UO have an amazing line of Psychic Style clothing which i love,but unfortunately over price. I have how ever made my own tops. and I'm thinking about selling them on my etsy. so there will be a post of that soon. But for now i will just show some of the item's I'm loving right now. and i want to get so here it is :)

So I'm absolutely in  love with all of these. I came across this beautiful full moon Maxi dress and instantly thought i need that for summer. I don't usually wear dresses so its not something i usually buy, but I really love Rogen fabric and the feel, and it works sooo well with this dress. I love the length, it has a type hippie style to it, and i feel i could pull it off.

The Celestial Treasure boxes are to die for.! I always need a jewellery box as I don't really have them so this is perfect. I love the antic style to it. and the cute little stars and moon mental embellishments. This was only £8 Bargain! there hand made crafted and i just think there amazing!

Personally one of my favourite symbols. the Zodiac! I love the Zodiac Bed throw. because I'm etremely into those symbolisms, its quite enchanting and i love that about it. Obviously right in the middle you have the zodiac circle with the constellations surrounding. I already have way! to many chair and bed throw. but i seem such a sucker for them and always finding throws i want. but I try to convince myself "you can never have to many bed throw" but I know you definitely can in my case.

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