Tuesday, 19 May 2015


                                                             BIG EXCITING NEWS

i know i haven't really been updating my blog site as much as i used to. i feel i put a lot more effort into my youtube channels and find it hard to motivate myself to update as i do it all through a lense which is easier. But i have some very exciting news that just happend.

I was sitting down on youtube watching Funforlouis as i love watching his adventures and i think hes very talented vlogger. and i saw he went on Contiki tour to Vietnam to advertise it. I Showed my husband and was instantly inspired to go so i brought it up. and he loved it too and agreed we should go for it and do it, (as we never really pushed ourselves outside our comfort zone and gone on adventures) so we went online and booked to go on the Contiki highlights Vietnam tour september 21st 2015. so only few months and we will be going to Vietnam. I'm totally excited and stil in shock how spontaneous all this is. My sister is also coming which was random discussion after we had already booked. we will be going for 10 days and traveling all throughout Vietnam, trying food, going on big adventures around the country. my first time out of Europe and i would have never thought id ever gone to Vietnam, its so not like me at all. with me suffering with immense social anxiety this is a giant step for me, as i would never go in a group of strangers for 10 days on a trip that im going to be doing things out side my comfort zone, I'm very proud of myself on that prospective. I should be fine with Alex and My sister with me. I'm super excited and going to have amazing storied to vlog and document for you guys :) 

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