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                                                                  Seasonal Decor Planning

So Halloween in my favourite holiday I have to say. love the season, the spooky build up to the day and Halloween its self. It has History and a cute fun holiday. Its really hard over here in the UK as i Know in US
you can find a bunch of great quality products in places like Dollar tree, Walmart & Target. and all the holiday scented cnadles in Bath & body works (which I'm totally jealous of btw) and I'm an extreme holiday decorator for all season's so I make it a yearly mission to gather information on where and how i can get them by planning out with sketches and image colleges. which helps me organise myself and prepare each room where things will be. It's a thing that personally helps me stayed organised and to reach a goal I might have as an end result. As Season Decorating it a normal fun things for young adult or full time moms love to do, In UK this is very (how can I say) Abnormal and may even be judge upon, as the average person in this country tend to like to use the phrase "It's a waste of money" specially when it comes to holiday's. I personally see holidays as a way to make some kind of importance in my life. Life can be boring at many time's and Holidays just bring the year excitement and makes me happy. plus i LOVE decoration and organising so it's a personal Hobby to me just like Knitting or Art. Accept it require more time and £££ :P

   Here how I Plant
This is my Spring/Summer bedding. I would usually have this up March-September time and then switch is out to the Autumn bedding shown below. I got this idea from Myhousewifelife and i thought it was a clever idea. I purchased White Duvet and back cases so then I can change the Throw and Front cases any color I want to match the season so they never get out dated. The printed ones always get out dated.

This is How I have my Bedding for
Autumn Season. With highlights of
Orange and Black which i think looks
very Halloweeny and cozy at the same time. I love this Idea because the small changes make such a big difference in the bed. I used to have on beddings
and all beddings usually have Floral print on which i can't stand, so my bed would always look Summery in the winter time. I hated it! But now with this System it keeps the room themed.

Like i said. I always start with Collage. This really helps me most cause i know what to look for and arrange things in which room's I started in July looking do for bedding, what i wanted to do with my bed for Autumn this year, So i really liked the chevlron, i thought it was bold, modern and cute with the orange which is perfect, then the cute bad highlight throw pillow. I planned on making my own pillow, but then decided I wont this year and do it for christmas instead because i couldnt decide on Fabrics. I find the Throw very quickly and planned that i would save my money and pay for the things i knew i wanted to get, I got the throw around September time so i Have month to prepare my room ready for it to get cold.

I always go online looking at DIY projects because you can always find fun, easy idea's that don't cost a lot of make which always give a personal touch. I made my own garland this year out of Artificial Fall leaves and Florist wire. UK people this imformation my help you, as US it common to get Fall garlands and wreath.
Ebay sell some, that's where i got mine, and Amazon have cheap florist wire for £1 bargain!

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