Monday, 14 October 2013


                                                                 Halloween Decor

I thought I make a post on my Halloween Decor this year and where I purchased thing's from. Specially if your in England and your struggling where to get thing's this year.

I found some great stuff this year! as I'm young and just starting out in life, I never really had my own season Decor, But i always dreamed that I would have seasonal collection, so that one day I will be able to enjoy each season and celebrate them the way I always wanted to.

 So My very first Purchase I made this year was this adorable Pumpkin Tea light. I like to get a head start with season Décor cause everything usually get's sold out and you miss the best buys, so the best time to start Halloween shopping is end of September or very beginning October when its stocked first. I got this from Clinton's. Every year they bring the Halloween Yankee candle collections, and i check two shops and there was not a lot of these in store you could buy, so of course i got the first pick and grabbed it before it was gone. Really cute and make the room look so pretty when lit. hat does get quite hot so warning to all who want  to get one. but really great to have in the room.
Asda actually released there Halloween stuff a lot later then other store's so this was one of my last visit so i didnt get much, but i thought Id show what they have this year. Some of the stuff they have brought back in, like the small pumpkins which I had already, Asda's collection is very affordable which is what i love about there stuff. This year i noticed they have the felt door Decor, Which they didn't before. the quality could be better tho, comparing to Walmart/Target standards. I've came across no Wreaths yet, so i ended up making my own. If your on a budget I definately recommend having a look.

I really wanted a Fall Garland and i planned at the beginning of the year that i would definately add this to my collection. I actually ended up making this myself as there wasn't really alot of them online i could find, so i just bought some Fall leaves pack 100 and some florist wire and made it myself, and i turned out great! they usually cost about £15+ and i ended up only paying £4 all together.

I received this Art as a Birthday gift and i fell in love with it and just had to happen and i can see myself using this years to come! This came from Bella & Boo. cute little online store where she sells Art and stationary illustration. I recently framed it and hung it by my computer area. i love it!

This cute little Ghost Tea light, I found these at Poundland. There was a Ghost, Pumpkin & Witch hat and of course I got all three of them!. Overall cost £3. Bargain. There look so good when lit, I'm actually shocked at the quality of these for poundland. so far poundland have won me over for the best place to buy this year. Again with these I planned out my trip and Made sure to go the day there collection was released so I could get first buys before thing got bought up because I knew they would be sold out by the week as it's so cheap to buy there. Lucky for me I got the things i wanted before they did. I went back recently and they were all sold out so as i predicted i was right.
When i went back I found this hidding away, and it was the last one in my store so i got this too, Tinsel Pumpkin hanger. really great purchase for a £1. I think it give my kitchen more of a homey touch. 
My most Favourite Buys this year! I stumbled across Build a Bear and saw they had the new Halloween collection and I love cat's specially if it relevant to Halloween,and you could also pick a costume for it. and i just had to get it, she sits on my bed and really does liven up the room along with providing cuddles at night.
These were actually sold a lot, i saw a lot of people walken out with them, so I'm glad i got it. 

I post my Monthly buys and The throw was one of them, which i ended up getting, I actually bought this in September because i hated my room looking so summery as it was getting cold, and I'm so glad i did because it just looks exactly how i wanted it to, I didn't get the throws in the end so i just used an old pillow. 

I hoped you enjoyed this post and it helped some of you find good buys for Halloween. 

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