Thursday, 19 June 2014


So I haven't updated my blog in a while and i thought id wright just because so much has gone on. Alot of Birthdays in the Month of June in my family. My sister just has her17th Birthday on June 14th and she came down to london which is so close to me I just had to pop down and visit her. For the last Four Month i had been working on a crochet throw for her and she didnt even know about it, but i knew she would have wanted one. so i was very excited to come down and surprise her with that.
I know she loved dark enchanting color and stars right now so i thought this would be perfect!

Me my sister and mom went shopping around London and we had a lot of fun, even tho they were heading to Harry potter studios shortly, we made the most of the time we had with them. feeling very girly indeed ..

Today is my Nephews Birthday and he has turned 1 today. I didnt get to see him cause its so far away from them but mentally I'm celebrating. I dont get to see him a lot the last time and one of the first times i saw him was christmas and its crazy thinking that I only seen him twice in his whole life. but thats the thing when you live that far from your family, its very expensive to make regular trips. i tend to see my mom and sisters alot tho as they do come London every now and again. and its nice to be able to do things with them and catch up. But christmas is usually the time i spend over with them and see everyone.                                           

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