Sunday, 20 July 2014

Back to the future Secret Cinema

So Secret Cinema this year have done Back to the future, and I love that movie as much as the next, particularly because i LOVE 1950s era. So I was very excited about dressing up and allowing them to bring me to a time I wish I had known. I go August 10th just nr my Birthday this year. So in order i had to prepare myself. If you don't know what Secret Cinema is, dont worry, Not many do as they like to keep it on the down low so it stays secret. but today with the internet, its quite impossible, as i write this you now know. its an event they hold every year and they recreate a movie to make you feel like your part of it and they go in to so much detail even to the point in changing your whole Identity! Like mine. I'm now refered to as Evelyn Cannon from North Salt Lake, California :)

I was panicking for Months. What shell I wear? Where do i get my clothes from? etc and finally made a big progress as I decided I wanted to look perfect so I tackled out to make my own dress! yes very risky. I ended up finding a 50s pattern on etsy in my size and i fell in love with the design so i purchased it. It actually ended up cheaper then buying a 50s dress so I benifited myself. after a week I have finished my dress with a few minor details left to finish but I thought now is perfect to share with you..

Preparing myself for the biggest mess of a life time. i guess that what comes with trying to do things yourself. Lucky for me I had my amazing Husband Alex to help me make it. we both never made a dress before so I was very nervous about doing it. but as soon as we got started my confidence grew and the dress turned out PERFECT!

I absolute love it. I went with a peach summer prom dress look and it turned out just how i wanted.

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