Thursday, 21 August 2014

Secret Cinema Back to the future review

So as I mentioned previously, i will be attending my very first Secret Cinema Experience. and i finally have done it and wanted to tell my experience there.

As soon as I arrived there, at the location we were told to meet at. there was a line to get in and even then we were greeted by Actors that were potraying American cops, telling us to get in line and no J walking and as we came in, it was the most amazing set I have ever seen. the detail was immense!

we then were welcomed in to the country fair, and a southern farmer boy told me and my sister "Looking mighty fine tonight" and to my boyfriend "and you look Ok" which was so funny we burst out laughing as soon as we arrived.

we then made our way to Hill Valley and the first thing we noticed was a Jump Rope and people were running in and seeing how long they could do it for. so instantly i wanted to do that. I ran in (thankfully made it seeing as i've never jump in a jump rope before) and then shortly after my sister did and we lasted so long, but then my sister couldnt keep up with the speed so we failed in the end. I was already out of breath. plus the day we went the weather wasnt the best, it was very windy and cold but i guess that just adds to the effect.

we then wondered around Mcflys house and all the others that were at the front of the site, where they sold icecream and had 1950s cars to look at. then just round the corner was the hill valley town square, this is the main area of the event where they would show us the movie at the clock tower. We were told "No J Walkin" many times during that evening by officers.

My sister was stopped by an actor named Annie, she talked to my sister about how she was saving up money to fix her car. and my sister was so nervous she didnt know what to say accept "My name is Virginia, but i thought it said Virgina" in an awkard English/American Accent.

we made our way nr the High school where they was a fun fair. we went on the fairest wheel which cost 3 pounds a ride which was fine. and then went into the school which was my favourite part, because I love dancing so i straight away wanted to do that. me and my sister danced the night away with our 50s style dance moves at the Enchantment under the sea dance

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